The more we make courses easier, the more you take training further.

Teaching/training is a lifetime commitment that brings fulfillment and a genuine sense of purpose. The Bisaat Online Learning Platform was designed to enable trainers to build and provide courses and programs quickly and without the need for technical abilities or skills. It allows you to build and manage a virtually unlimited number of courses, so you can focus on spreading knowledge without having to waste any time with the technical aspects of online or digital learning.

Why Bisaat

We shoulder responsibilities so that you focus on course delivery.

Build your own training environment and organize content in a way that suits you and your training needs Systemize and automate the entire training process from enrollment to graduation and certification so that everything runs as smoothly as possible..

User Friendly

Professional and interactive course designs are way facilitated for trainers. The learning Journey is made much easier for trainees to start on their own.

Organized and Automated

The entire training process from enrollment to graduation is organized and automated so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Checkable and Documentable

The efficiency of the educational process is well monitored, with dozens of performance quality reports generated as needed.

Create your own learning environment, organizing content in a way that suits you and your educational requirements

Easily add multimedia to your educational content such as videos, photos, and more. Organizing and fully automating the education process, from registration to graduation, and the presentation of certificates and decorations. Get a better view of everything related to the performance of trainees and lecturers. Document the entire educational process by verifying the identity of the trainees, and their active participation. Organizing communication and teaching processes through a single channel.

Bissat's Features

Course designer

The Bisaat Course Designer makes the process of designing and publishing courses easier.

Student interface

lecturers can easily follow-up on trainee activities and achievements. Even the teaching staff are enabled to publish tests and assignments, participate in discussion spaces, and respond to trainee inquiries

Lecturer interface

You can now control the educational content, and enable the academic assistant team to publish exams and assignments, participate in discussions, and respond to trainees’ inquiries.

electronic payment

Bisaat integrates with different electronic payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe and so gives you the option of managing online payment.


Bisaat fully manages the creation and issuance of merit and achievement certificates, and automatically links certificates to specific achievements and sends them to the trainees.

Reports and Statistics

Bisaat provides dozens of ready-made reports that measure the efficiency of the learning/education process and analyze the quality of the service. Special reports can also be created according to need.

Bisaat Services

Although the Bisaat system is easy to use, we don't leave our customers flying alone

We work closely with our customers to create a unique success story together. While Bisaat is easy to use, we don’t leave our customers behind; our training services guide you to in-depth knowledge of the various features of our system, and our specialized team helps you to implement all the required functions, while a team of our instructional designers translates the ideas of academic and transforms them into e-learning elements. In addition, our multimedia team also produces e-learning courses. “Bisaat” allows you to modify and customize additional features to suit your training project, and guarantees your presence a distinctive appearance in front of visitors and users.

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