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Bisaat empowers you to establish your personalized digital platform for delivering training courses to your trainees, followers, or employees, whether free of charge or paid. You are enabled with an array of sophisticated training and educational tools, alongside a comprehensive dashboard for streamlined content management, as well as insightful statistics and reports reflecting user progress and performance.

Empowering Learning and Development

Across Diverse Sectors Unveil the Industries Poised for Transformation with Bisaat:

Training Academies

Elevate your training and educational institutions to unprecedented levels of efficiency and impact with Bisaat's comprehensive suite of solutions.

Trainers and Entrepreneurs

Direct your focus towards training innovation while entrusting the technical intricacies to us. Simplify the creation, management, and marketing of training courses with Bisaat.

Companies and Institutions

Excel in cultivating your human capital. Bisaat equips you with the essential tools to construct dynamic and innovative training programs tailored to your organizational needs.

Join the academies and entrepreneurs

leveraging Bisaat to deliver their training services.

What Sets Bisaat Apart?

Streamlined Training Processes

Bisaat simplifies every facet of training, from content creation to learner assessment, streamlining course organization and delivery.

Elevated User Engagement

Bisaat's intuitive interface and interactive course designs foster active learner participation, empowering trainers to create engaging activities.

Time and Effort Efficiency

Bisaat shoulders the technical complexities, freeing trainers to focus on content and knowledge sharing, eliminating the need for technical expertise and saving valuable time.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Bisaat empowers trainers to monitor and evaluate learner performance effectively, providing comprehensive reports and analytics for tracking progress, assessing outcomes, and identifying areas for improvement.

Tailored Learning Experiences

Bisaat offers full customization of training courses to meet the unique needs of each organization, enhancing learning objectives achievement and alignment with business objectives.

Cultivating Continuous Learning

Bisaat facilitates easy updating and expansion of course content and programs, fostering a culture of ongoing learning within organizations and keeping them connected to evolving industry trends.

Key Features of Bisaat

Explore the primary tools at your disposal with your Bisaat subscription:

Establish your digital presence to showcase your courses in alignment with your brand identity and educational philosophy.


An intuitive dashboard for content management, course administration, learner oversight, and tracking performance metrics and analytics.

Course Builder

An intuitive, user-friendly interface for crafting and tailoring training courses, effortlessly incorporating educational materials.

Payment Collection

Simplified integration with secure payment gateways for streamlined course monetization and revenue collection.

Multimedia Support

Seamless integration with various multimedia formats including videos, audios, documents, quizzes, and more.

Marketing Tools

A suite of tools to enhance course visibility and engagement, including discount offerings and integration with social media platforms.

Establish Your Digital Platform in Three Streamlined Steps

Embark on your journey into the realm of digital training with Bisaat. Choose a design that suits your vision. Curate engaging educational content, and craft an effective marketing strategy to captivate your audience.

Digital Platforms

Seventy-three percent of experts in the field of training and learning believe that emerging tecknologies will be crucial in shaping the future of digital learning.

1. Sign Up for Free

Start your journey by registering for a free account on Bisaat using the link provided. If you wish to access additional features later on, you can easily upgrade your account through the "Package Upgrade" section in your control panel.

2. Activate Your Account

Upon registration, you'll receive an activation link via email. Simply click on the link to activate your account.

3. Log In

Once activated, follow the link to the "Log In" page. Enter your credentials to access your account and begin exploring the features offered by Bisaat.

Enhancing Workforce Productivity

A significant majority, totaling 82% of employees, express a willingness to remain within their respective organizations provided these firms demonstrate a commitment to investing in the enhancement of their professional competencies.

4. Input Your Platform's Details

Upon logging in, you'll be prompted to provide essential information about your platform, including its name, domain, preferred language, and an optional brief description.

5. Infuse Your Personality

Utilize the "Platform Creation Wizard" to infuse your platform with your unique style. Customize fonts, logos, colors, and select the template that best aligns with your vision.

6. Your Dashboard

Congratulations! Your digital platform is now ready. Take a moment to preview it, familiarize yourself with the control panel, and explore the myriad features at your disposal.

Digital Education

Ninety-six percent of learning leadership perceives digital education as either significant, or highly significant to their Learning and Development (L&D) strategy for the year 2024

7. Specify Course Details

Navigate to the "Courses" section in your control panel to begin. Add a new course and input fundamental details like title, instructor, duration, pricing, and more.

8. Incorporate Training Resources

Here, you have the opportunity to enrich your course. Add modules, lessons, or upload various training materials such as text, documents, videos, audio files, or tests within each lesson.

9. Celebrate Your Inaugural Course!

Once finalized, publish your course on your platform. Share the custom course link across your social media channels to garner interest and engagement.

Bisaat Plans and Packages

Tailored Solutions to Suit Your Needs Competitive Pricing

From complimentary options to premium packages, we provide versatile solutions catering to diverse requirements, paving the way for expansion and creativity.

Basic Plan
Free No Payment Required
The Basic package provides you with the ability to create your online platform quickly and easily, with the option to publish your training courses at no cost, allowing you to start your training journey immediately.
  • Training Courses
  • Training Programs
  • Assessments and Assignments
  • Customized Platform
  • Student Mobile Application
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Signup for Free
Advanced Plan
99 SAR Monthly
Empower your business expansion with unlimited courses and solidify your market presence with a design that reflects your visual identity, including the removal of the "Bisaat" logo.

  • Training Courses
  • Training Programs
  • Assessments and Assignments
  • Customized Platform
  • Student Mobile Application
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Subcribe Now
What is Bisaat and How Can It Empower You to Establish Your Training Platform?

Bisaat is a comprehensive platform equipped with the essential tools and technologies tailored for individuals and organizations seeking to develop their personalized training platform. With Bisaat, you can effortlessly construct your platform using pre-designed templates, facilitating swift deployment and course publication within minutes. Moreover, Bisaat features a user-friendly course builder, simplifying the process of course creation and customization.

Interested in trying out the Bisaat platform before committing to a paid plan?

You can easily do so by registering on our website through the provided link. Upon registration, you'll automatically be enrolled in the 'Free' Bisaat package. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan later on, you can easily do so by accessing the 'Upgrade Plan' section within your control panel. Alternatively, you're welcome to continue using the free package if you prefer."

Does Bisaat Deliver Courses?

No, Bisaat does not facilitate courses. Instead, we equip trainers, entrepreneurs, and institutions with the essential infrastructure and tools to establish their digital platforms via Bisaat and effectively manage their courses online."

How Tailorable is the Bisaat Platform for Course Providers?

Bisaat provides extensive customization capabilities, allowing course providers to tailor their platforms to their specific needs. This includes selecting the optimal template for their platform and incorporating their branding elements, with the ability to remove the Bisaat logo in premium packages. Furthermore, customization encompasses the addition of informative pages to the website interface. Course providers can also modify course content, training programs, assessments, and assignments, as well as personalize certificates. Integration with diverse electronic payment gateways and digital marketing tools is seamlessly incorporated into Bisaat's customization features.

Can Users Access My Platform on Bisaat Using Mobile Devices?

Indeed, platforms developed with Bisaat are optimized for mobile compatibility, enabling users to access them seamlessly on their smartphones or tablets. Moreover, Bisaat offers a dedicated mobile application that customers can conveniently download to access your digital platform, browse available training courses, and engage with the content effortlessly.

How Can Trainees Access My Digital Platform Created Through Bisaat?

To facilitate trainee access to the digital platform you've established via Bisaat, adhere to these steps:

  1. Selecting the Link: Opt for an intuitive and fitting link for your platform, whether utilizing a subdomain from Bisaat like or opting for a personalized link such as with your domain.
  2. Sharing the Link: Once you've chosen the appropriate link, disseminate it to trainees via email, social media platforms, or through Bisaat's learning management system.
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