Bisaat's Features

Our carefully developed features allow you to improve your educational services.

visitor interface

The visitor interface allows you to present yourself the way you would like others to see you, and in a way that aligns with your marketing identity. To learn more, please read the various features of the “Visitor Interface” in “Bat” that you should take advantage of through our digital blog.

Course Designer

Capture your audience’s interest and increase their turnout with professional and interactive course designs

The course designer within Bisaat facilitates the procedures for designing and publishing educational courses. Where you can create courses, choose learning paths, define multiple educational activities, without any difficulties, you can also prepare assessment forms, and specify registration and graduation requirements. To find out more, please read Learn about 6 unique capabilities of the “Course Designer” in “Bisaat” through our digital blog.

Registration and admission

Easily select the trainees who meet the study requirements and register them in the appropriate courses.

“Bisaat” paves the way for the integrated management of trainees’ registration and acceptance processes, and provides the possibility of restricting registration and admission to a certain period of time, or by fulfilling specific requirements. It also allows you to fully control the activation and deactivation of trainees’ registration, manually or automatically. To find out more, please read How can you overcome the challenges of registering and accepting trainees online with Bisaat? Through our digital blog.

lecturer interface

Let your lecturers have control of the learning content, and keep track of learners’ activities and achievements

The lecturer interface allows lecturers and trainers to follow the activities and achievements of the trainees. It also enables the lecturers and the educational team to publish exams and assignments, and allows them to participate in discussions, and then respond to trainees’ inquiries and questions. To find out more, please read 5 Reasons Why The Lecturer Interface is unique. Bisaat has entered the system through our digital blog.

electronic payment

And from now on, let go of any hassle in managing your payments

Bisaat integrates with various electronic payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe; So that you can manage online payment and configure the payment system integrating with various other electronic payment gateways. To find out more, please read With the electronic payment feature within the “Bisaat ” system, managing your online educational platform has become easier through our digital blog.

trainee interface

Create a simplified study environment for trainees

The trainee interface is designed; So that the trainees can begin their learning journey, without the need for any outside assistance; Through this interface, trainees can track achievements, participate in discussions, download testimonials, and view reports and statistics about them. To learn more, please read How does the “Trainee Interface” within the “Bisaat” system ensure the availability of smart options for your platforms? Through our digital blog.


Free your mind from the intricacies of communicating with the masses to let them know about the educational services you offer.

Bisaat allows you to create course profiles, and manage email and SMS campaigns from within the platform. It also allows you to customize emails and text messages according to the patterns of specific users, so that messages are developed according to the activities of the trainees, in order to motivate them to use the platform more effectively and harmoniously until the successful completion of their learning journey. To find out more, please read our top 5 marketing tips for achieving the highest standards of success for educational platforms within the “Bat” system through our digital blog.

Recognition and certifications

Give your trainees the recognition they deserve with automated certification management.

Bisaat manages the creation and issuance of certificates of appreciation and achievement, automatically linking them to specific achievements, and sending them to the trainees who have obtained them. To find out more, please read Motivating Trainees with Certificates of Recognition and Recognition through our digital blog.

Roles and Powers

Now control who can access the various courses and courses

With Bisaat, you can customize different levels of access for trainees and lecturers, as well as separate scientific content available to external audiences from registered trainees. You can also grant special privileges to department heads to follow certain sets of courses. To find out more, please read Discover how the roles and powers feature within the “Bisaat” system professionalize your digital platform through our digital blog.

Reports and Statistics

Monitor the efficiency of the educational process, and the rates of progress.

Basat provides dozens of ready-made reports that measure the efficiency of the teaching/learning process, and analyze the quality of services. It also allows the creation of special reports as needed, with the ability to convert these reports to CSV format for more in-depth analysis using Excel. To find out more, please read with the reporting and statistics feature within the “BAT” system, always be aware of the performance levels of all parties through our digital blog.